Home from Home

23/11/2010 - The Exhibition

A bed born from a lucky encounter with a country window, a dining table made from the tips of roof timbers and parts of an old dresser, new additions to concrete stiches series - a chair and a bench made functional again by casting black concrete which has been moulded and sanded by hand, the dog lamps kodiak and palomino born thanks to a collaboration with the director and photographer Bruce Weber, a chest pof drawers made of old suitcases, a coffee and conversation table made by old books and candle holders, a night lamp projecting the moon, the beginning of a small home cinema, and other pieces that will be finished during the show, compose the nomadic show of the english duo in Milan

 Butterfly wings b ed

Parlavano Tutti Insieme Table


Kodiak e Palomino 


La Luna  Suitcase drawer


22/11/2010 - Opening Home from Home

Opening "Home from Home" by JamesPlumb.


Opening home from home 



05/11/2010 - Jamesplumb1

"How a all-in-all definition for unforgettable homes could be reshaped?
With a nomadic, post-punk, curious aptitude toward discarded pieces, is one of the answers. Yes, of course: tons of poetry, the excelling one, have to be widespread around to succeed in this case.
"Love for us, love around each of our guests and for what is outside our walls, love for what we exhibit, use, preserve, restore and reassemble, re-think, re-work - in a word restore from the oblivion" say JAMESPLUMB once their last shooting with two international magazines (Elle Decoration, Wallpaper) that will extensively report on their January 2011 issue their work in progress for Home From Home, their first solo show at Spazio Rossana Orlandi with the collaboration of Diana Marrone, their pr and agent.

They are working on several pieces while commencing their third week of workshop, visited by many curious customers and art lovers beside a good amount of International and Italian press.
Today we introduce Henry Hoyneart III, the third example for what they call Monuments to the Anonymous that has been preceded from Henry Hoynart II, on show at From This Day Forward, Fuorisalone 2010.
The designers are setting a mattress of stars into an old little furnace by filling her tiny and rusty walls with Orlandi company silk wires: in a sudden, "literary" gesture the forgotten furnace may become a centrepiece for our dining rooms, a subtle and beautiful functional sculpture. A new house for imagery or for escaped birds, a lighting piece with many new lives more to come."

 House of Henry Honyeart III


08/10/2010 - Work in progress

Old tie boxes are making friends with 70's chairs with metal frames, while piles of 50's warehouse trolleys are starting up courtyard conversations with benches, old office cabinets and chests which have peices missing. These are just some of the vintage or industrial furniture and objects that JAMESPLUMB have selected to rework and reinterpret in order to fill their Home From Home at Spazio Rossana Orlandi for the 2011 Fall/Winter season.

This curious and unintentional family, which is watched over by the designers dog  - the Bedlington Terrier "Wilfred" - is a silent and unconventional mix, being kept together waiting to be reworked.

The Milanese court at Matteo Bandello 14 - offering Autumn gems as olives, chesnuts, uva fragola and the changing colours of the garden - is animated by the JAMESPLUMB workshop 6 days a week, from 10 to 19.

"For us it is like a wunderkammer: we felt so amazed by the quality, vastness and diversity of Orlandi's Archive that we could work here forever" says JAMESPLUMB (Hannah Plumb, James Russell).

They have fallen in love with slices of old tree trunks Madame Orlandi kept from Triennale Park trimmed trees: the British designers are tracing their shape to cast original seats with a lightweight concrete. This is their approach to re-work the shape, function and aesthetics of the 70' chairs - after this they will become contemporary chairs/tables.


working progress 

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