Bagatti Valsecchi 2.0

Bagatti Valsecchi 2.0 – April 2013

9th-30th Aprile 2013
Two Landlords and two Ladies, plus a magnificent Mansion have created an Exhibition that opens up a
dialogue between past and present trends. Like one would do with a flower composition, 16 artists
display their pieces in an untouched environment of blissful past beauty developed over the centuries by a
generous family who later wished to share their home with everyone.
Fausto and Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi, together with patroness Goga Ashkenazi and Rossana Orlandi who
provided the creative inspiration for it, are celebrating a new interpretation of a red thread bridging the Past
with the Contemporary spirit. From Home to Home, the endless and timeless journey
of artworks and exquisite pieces that are made to last is marked by a softly inspiratitonal beginning,
as Rossana Orlandi did it, almost silently and cosily placing 14 chairs into the rooms of the Museum for the
watchmen to rest and proving that beautiful objects never clash but rather nurture each other. Nacho
Carbonell’s magnificent Chandelier inspired by Maison Vionnet is one of the multi-faceted interpretations of
the concept of mixing forty-five degrees and blue.
Therooms host artworks from Front Design, Studio Deform, Paul Heijnen, Niels Hoebers, Tomas Libertiny, Yukiko Nagai,
Frederique Morrel, Dirk Van Der Kooij, Maarten Baas, Martin Smith, President Von Pelt, Enrico Marone Cinzano,
Massimiliano Locatelli Cls Architetti, Manuela Crotti and Giampiero Milella.
A rejuvenating feeling around a family museum and the beginning of a passionate endeavour.
Paolo Maria Noseda