Alcarol is the product of the creative fellowship between Andrea Forti and Eleonora Dal Farra, of their shared desire to produce independently and with passion deeply poetics objects, and to achieve equilibrium between eclectic craftsmanship, manufacture of one-off pieces and industrial production of limited edition items. Alcarol is at the same time studio, workshop, creative factory, atelier and showroom. Alcarol is an impetus to generate a real ennoblement of the object and the material through a courageous and unconventional creative process, resulting in items that are both functional and charming. Alcarol develops borderline projects between new technologies and local craft heritage, contrasting current industrial design uniformity with the solidity and uniqueness of handmade manufacturing. Alcarol is an uninhibited art that springs from re-examining, reprocessing, reconsidering, reconditioning; art flowing all over the world, effecting alternative incursions, which expose a crisis of identity for objects, styles and fashions. Spontaneous and intuitive actions that, breaking reference models, form new poetic opportunities. Alcarol is a woodworm, working by subtraction, in the creative process of an ongoing search for simplicity.