altreforme is an Italian company that produces collections of high-end and contemporary taste furniture and accessories made in Italy, and made to measure projects mainly made of aluminium, aimed at those who like to stand out, choosing to surround themselves with original and refined, but also environmentally friendly products.

altreforme was founded in 2008 as an ambitious diversification project of Fontana Group, since 1956 the world leader in the design and production of luxury cars aluminium bodies. The uncommon and extravagant shapes, colours and finishing are born thanks to the combination of the know-how and vanguarde technologies transferred from the automotive to the design field.

altreforme studies and realizes every year brand new products and accessories aimed to create fresh and different settings and styles for living, in collaboration with renowned designers and archi-stars: Aziz Sariyer, Marco Piva, Garilab, Elena Cutolo, Antonio Aricò, Serena Confalonieri, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, Alessandro Zambelli, Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto, Elena Salmistraro and two extravagant fashion brands like Yazbukey and Moschino.