C Design

Chairs, sideboards, tables, coffee tables, and consoles, C Design, conceived
and designed by Francesco Meda is a collection that aims at creating
unique pieces that reveal their essence through a careful choice of materials:
wood, metal, and lava stone, combined with a color palette that enhances
the intrinsic quality of each product. Every object is born from geometries
and shape sections that translate into a reduction of superfluous material
usage. The minimalist rigor of the pieces, which feel almost architectural,
creates a distinctive aesthetic within the current interior design landscape.
A collection with a gentle trait, physically and visually light in appearance, in
which cutting-edge technology coexists with a return to craftsmanship for
the final finishing touches.
C Design is exhibiting with two exceptional partners: the gallerist Rossana
Orlandi, one of the most influential personalities in the world of design,
who will distribute the products exclusively, and Chelini, for over a century
a leader in luxury furniture made in Italy, responsible for production, in an
encounter between art, craftsmanship and avant-garde contemporary design.