Andrea Clementi

Andrea Clementi was born in Vicenza in 1983. He started approaching the world of drawing when he was at an early age. He attended the State Institute of Art G. De Fabris in Nove of Bassano del Grappa, where he studied ceramics.
Here clay, a poor but ancient material, inspired in him the desire of working this material. Always in the wake of experimentation, he attended the mixed technique illustration course held by the artist J. Capek in Sarmede (TV).
After finishing the high school in Nove, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in of Venice, taking the Painting course, his degree subject.
At the same time, the experiences and spurs sprung from observation and direct contact with nature helped his creative course, which was oriented towards the use of partly natural materials such as recycled wood and hemp ropes. By creating these ropes he discovers the world of knots and interlacements that lead him to develop stage sets and decorative installations such as large spider’s webs and complex sculptures also of furniture.
From his skillful hands come the living beings that animate and populate the natural kingdom: spiders, butterflies, scorpions and other insects materialize from several knots and interlacements of rope, reworked by his mind and his artistic creativity becoming in this way artistic expression.
From 2004 to 2019 he has taken part in numerous exhibitions, events and national and international competitions, getting commendation and prizes.