CYPRAEA was born from the dream of Cedric Lincoln, a young Mauritian entrepreneur and engineer with the desire to develop luxury artefacts with a unique tropical style. Francesco Maria Messina, a talented architect and designer of CYPRAEA’s current collection, took up Cedric’s challenge and together, under his direction, they created CYPRAEA.

Francesco’s humanistic background, together with his architectural approach to design, developed through his studies in Paris and Lyon, allowed him to create the current collection, which aims to stimulate curiosity through its surprise elements, a fresh design and the use of unconventional materials.

Mauritius is a small island that is comparable to a beautiful shell which, despite being small, possesses a rarity and charm that enables it to be cherished and preserved like a treasure. CYPRAEA was born from this very idea. From a desire to connect people to nature. Cypraea are beautiful and rare shells mainly found in the Indian Ocean. They were historically used as currency or worn as jewelry. Today, they epitomize the island’s tropical identity, as well as the elegance of its nature.

CYPRAEA is closely linked to Mauritius luxuriant nature and pays tribute to its fragility: in the name of this inspiration, the brand aims to support the environmental associations Reef Conservation and Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, both active in safeguarding the local ecosystem.

As a brand, CYPRAEA seeks to convey the preciousness of the land through innovative and original designs, which transcend the boundaries of mere “furniture”. The exclusivity and inimitable uniqueness of our island is reflected in our collections. One-of-a-kind works of art that evoke timeless beauty like the rarest of treasures found in the ocean.

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