Major Darling

The door of the airship is open. The passengers seem to have just left, curtains still moving in the wind. A sense of Da Vinci-like proportions, with wings that move like a bird. Cockpits worked out in detail with control cables, connecting the rudders via ingenious levers. A launcher on top of an abandoned dome, there is dust on the spiral staircase, but the plane can still take off…Major Darling has found forgotten dreams and journeys from a future long past and brought them together in The Orphanage for Lost Adventures. Now abandoned and forgotten they once gave exciting glimpses of a bright future full of adventure and technical wonder, a time in which nothing seemed impossible. Each object tells his own story and invites you to step inside a forgotten world from an industrial Victorian era, in which Darling’s love for everything with rivets in it, is inextricably linked to perfectionist enthusiasm. You wouldn’t tell, but everything is made out of paper and cardboard. The delicate material transforms to robust wing fins, steam engines and skin plates. “Each object in The Orphanage was once thought to work in real life”, says Darling. So mechanics must be correct in these machines and contraptions. Including the keel of the airship to let it steer tighter into the wind. He immediately puts his ideas into practice. No complicated preliminary studies, no technical drawings. The result is free-flow perfection and serene beauty.