Azimut design

Azimut Design was born from a totally Italian production company in which artisanal experience, technological innovation and a profound knowledge of materials have been in dialogue for over twenty years in the continuous search for excellence in the design of spaces and furnishings tailored to customers and of their desires. Resin is the material lens that the two founding designers of the brand, Annalisa Lago and Francesco Benedini, chose to express the world of emotions. Their creations stand out for their three-dimensionality and transparency, transmitting in those who observe them a sense of belonging to the completely unique and unusual materials. The headquarters of Azimut Design is located in San Giovanni Lupatoto, on the outskirts of Verona, and presents itself as an immense living room of elements where you can find any kind of product made of resin. Experimentation with the chemical compositions of the resin has led the Veronese brand to establish itself for its knowledge of the material and treatment techniques all over the world. The production is very long and requires care and precision: the materials are embedded in resin and, after a long polymerization process, the products thus obtained are ready for the finishings. Respect for the environment is at the center of the interest of every creation by Azimut Design, in fact the designers, aware of the ecological, social and economic importance of forests and thanks to the PEFC and FSC certifications that the brand has acquired, guarantee that the wood used by them comes from sustainably managed forests. Recycling is also an important focus. This is confirmed by the brand’s own creative concept which elevates the vitreous resin to a “time capsule”,able to ensure a new life cycle for each embedded material.