Pinella Distefano, artist and founder of the jewelry brand dettaglidattimi, presents to Rossana Orlandi Gallery her latest creations where art meets jewelry.

Pinella, always traveling, spends her time between Rome and Milan where she lives and works, and finds inspiration while visiting her seaside properties in Taormina and Salento.

Her jewels are handmade as sculptures, every piece is unique, made in bronze with the ancient technique of lost wax casting. The lost wax is an antique precision casting process to obtain a metal sculpture from a wax model.

The story of dettaglidattimi is a magic moment of time that stops on a detail.

When Pinella started to create her own jewelry, she realized from the very beginning that what she was feeling was being materialized into something that she could not see until the work was finished.
In her creations, we find the strength, the tenacity, the passion, the majesty of the beauty of Sicily, her place of origin with its contradictions, truths and imperfections… The energy of Etna, the immensity of the sea.

“I never project what I want to create, I free my mind, my heart, my hands. And so, like leaven, each time I create, it happens something that boosts me to keep creating. And I find myself doing jewels. I didn’t choose it, my initial work wasn’t this one. I chose the profession of accountant thirty years ago, but, probably, it is no longer a time of choices but of passions”.

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