Thibault Dupille

Thibault Dupille is a French industrial and object designer. After three years of product design at the ENSAAMA in Paris, he went to the Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated from a bachelor course in the Man and Motion department, in order to develop a new perception of design. Currently back in Paris, he keeps developing and growing the “Mitosis” collection as a very personal approach that allows him full freedom of expression and creation. Next to that activity, he also works as an industrial designer in order to practice a different aspect of his field, more connected to the market, the industry and the constraints. Thibault is captivated by unexpected meetings between remote concepts, phenomenons, fields, techniques or periods, his project “Mitosis” showing up as a good testament of that enthusiasm. Fascinated by additive manufacturing technologies, the 3D visualization and modeling often occupies a central position in his process. By exploring technique and optimization, he likes to work under constraint and aims to bring meaningful solutions through a rational and pragmatic vision of the world.