EGO.M is a design studio that aims at a constant search for essentiality through concrete but unconventional choices and solutions. The Team, based in Bologna, is composed of nine young guys, united by the familiar and scholastic education to what beauty, passion and curiosity mean.

Here’s why, since really young, they all have desired and learnt to “have a finger in the pie” and develop in a creative way their own character and personality and now their professionalism. 

From this comes the inter and multidisciplinary nature of EGO.M in which everyone, with the most diverse cultural and professional skills, strengthen the Team especially in case of complex matters such as a project, the search for a new material, an innovative production technique, the best way to communicate or the development of a new business.

With strong determination, EGO.M places itself in the global scenario of the design Made in Italy. Thanks to the talent of its artisans and strengthened by the know-how experiences of its partners, EGO.M gives life to a brand that wants to be pure essence in design. Despite the historical period, probably the hardest in the last fifty years, Team EGO.M is constantly moved by a witty curiosity and a tireless enthusiasm always striving for creative moments.