FeUse, benefit company, presents a line of collectible design objects, consisting of original and exclusive pieces conceived according to the most innovative and sustainable criteria of the circular economy.

Unique and unrepeatable works whose designer is not a creative person, but a steel plant: the electric furnace of a ZERO WASTE and fully circular steel mill.

The world’s first steel mill certified to have zero net CO2 emissions.

Corals are generated from the waste of electric furnace steel production. The electric furnace uses post-consumer scrap to produce new steel.
This waste consists of slag, which is generated by specific weight from steel in the liquid phase of melting.
Trapped within the slag are small amounts of steel called “colaticci” (leachables), which after solidification of the slag are separated, cleaned, and environmentally friendly powder coated.

FeUse’s Corals are also meant to be a symbol to shake consciences in the face of the disappearance of marine corals due to rising sea temperatures generated by climate change.

FeUse, an innovative design concept, joins the resident designers of Galleria Rossana Orlandi, in Milan and Porto Cervo, as a world exclusive.

FeUse will donate part of the proceeds to charitable activities to support research against climate change.