Milanese by birth or by adoption, G+G started a year ago, between proposals and discussions, to develop the idea of it’s “creations in a art box”. They matured separately different experiences in the cultural, musical and entrepreneurial field. Their first exhibition “Incontri Inaspettati” took place at Rossana Orlandi Gallery in December 2015 and had a great success. G+G suggest with delicate irony, the juxtaposition between the authority of the masterpieces and the carefree lightness of the most popular icons of our childhood: the cartoon characters break into the contexts of the great masterpieces like children into the lives of adults; their desire to play and to surprise creates a cheerful infiltration that upexpectedly shifts the composure of the works of art. With ironic intelligence G + G create theatrical representations, almost opera buffa, in which from behind the fun their deep and passionate declaration of love for art shines through.