La Fucina di Efesto

Alessandro Rametta was born in 1974 in Milan, where he still lives and works. He is an autodidact sculptor and a careful and silent researcher. Struck by the infinite possibilities of metal, at the age of sixteen Alessandro heard the echo of long-lost memories, the familiar call of a material which holds ancient secrets. Intuition soon became vocation. He studied Philosophy at the Italian University of Perugia, where he explored the relationship between humans, matter and technique. After his graduation, he continued to study the complex dialectic between arts and philosophy with the aim to discover the source, the very root of this wonderful bound that will never cease to surprise him.

In 1997, he established La Fucina di Efesto, focusing on the philosophical aesthetics of arts, design and architecture. Alessandro developed his own original technique by experimenting with and exploring the materials with the most unexplored expressive potential, even after thousands of years of use. A contemplative relationship with the matter and the great amount of time needed to produce sculptures enable Alessandro to make unique artworks. He often partners with Masters of Arts and Design to make sculptures for art collectors in Italy and abroad. He also introduces the young generation to his craft and ethical principles.