Behind Laonpottery we find the work of Joohyun Baek. Joohyun arrived in Spain for the first time to complete her studies in philology. Upon returning to Korea she became interested in the long ceramic tradition of her region, Ganjin, and commenced studying in in the School of Ceramics of Celadon. Se returned to Spain where she currently lives, and she opened her own workshop. In her work we can appreciate the influence of her background. Joohyun treats her creations meticulously and with the care of the craftsman that returns again and again to the piece in hand until it acquires a life of its own. Her hands stop short of creating a perfect finish, allowing for surprises and spontaneity.

Joohyun’s intuition puts her face to face with that imperfect perfection that she so much cherishes. This complex equilibrium between technic and spontaneity is something that emerges in a natural way making her pieces both functional and beautiful. Her source of inspiration, tied to an infancy in the countryside, makes her gravitate towards organic forms, natural materials such as ash, sand, or stones, and towards earth tonalities. The end result are pieces as unique as are the accidents in nature; all her work evokes her visual and tactile memories.