In the small town of São Miguel do Oeste, a young Leandro Brock discovered his innate passion for the arts. It was a love affair that began in his childhood, where he would spend hours lost in the world of drawings and sculptures. As he grew older, his fervor for creativity only intensified, leading him down the path of education, culminating in a degree in Design. Nature is the driving force behind Leandro Brock’s artistic creations. Rather than exploiting the northern Amazon’s precious woods, he opted to find alternatives. Lebrock exclusively uses native woods from southern Brazil that have been naturally preserved or are reclaimed from old structures. With a deep appreciation for the complexity of conception and construction, Leandro established his own joinery, guided by traditional techniques, and created a unique concept in the industry. He describes this process as creating “Testimonial wood”, as it immortalizes the wood, capturing a moment in history that will continue to witness the future through each timeless design, passed down from generation to generation. Each piece is unique, crafted to accentuate the its distinct characteristics and standards of the wood. They are stamped with a gold seal, signed, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that includes the geographic coordinates of the wood’s origin. From concept to completion, Lebrock oversees every step of the production process, from rescuing the piece of wood to the creation, drawing, prototyping, and carpintery.

Lebrock Studio not only creates unique works of art, but also strives to maintain balance with the natural resources available. With a reforestation area of about 200.000 m2, owned by the family they dedicate to the conservation and planting of native species. Leandro Brock. The Studio’s commitment to sustainable practices ensures that each work is not only a unique masterpiece, but also a testament to the beauty and importance of nature.