Matthew McCormick

Matthew McCormick Studio is an award winning, multi-disciplinary design studio based in Vancouver, Canada, that offers a full line of lighting products and bespoke artistic installations, distributed around the world. Founded in 2013 by Matthew McCormick, the Studio designs, manufactures and retails McCormick’s lighting collections, which have since garnered notoriety through international acclaim. 

McCormick’s passion for design was fuelled in his career early on through his leadership in art direction, where he was afforded the opportunity to assert and pitch his graphic creativity to a range of clients and executives. With a long-time obsession for lighting looming on the periphery, it did not take long before he married his knowledge in design with light – thus catapulting into the global design scene where he showcases his talents today. 

Recognized for his bespoke, design-art creations and his fine-tuned attention to detail, McCormick’s products are inspired by his noteworthy graphical language and beauty in simplicity. Balancing handcrafted processes with modern techniques, his aesthetic is a constant pursuit of excellence in minimalism. On a relentless journey to distill design ideas into their simplest form, his products boast technical precision hidden by clean lines, all made in Canada by a network of talented young artisans and craftspeople. 

Over the last number of years, his award-winning work has been featured at some of the world’s most prestigious design events in Milan, London, Mexico City, Brussels and Dubai, among others.