Memmo Venezia

Enzo Berti was born in 1950 in Pianiga and still lives and works in the area of Riviera del Brenta, in Dolo (Venice). His cultural education is marked by the studies he conducted under the guidance of Alberto Viani at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Venice. He then attended the Advanced Course of industrial design held at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice. Along the years he designed and created valuable objects of art that are exposed to the public in occasion of major international exhibitions.
His habit of thinking in a holistic way, paying attention to the living environment rather than to the individual object, leads him to partnerships that go beyond the individual project. Since the nineties he followed different artistic directions. Intense collaborations during which Enzo Berti has been working alongside with companies who were looking for a renewed identity or with totally new brands such as Memmo-Venezia.
Even nowadays Enzo Berti’s projects reveal his artistic roots. He watches the objects as a sculptor would do, looking for the shape that it evokes, or giving it a completely new form by taking a surprising logical leap. He prefers to work with wood, marble, stone and iron, which are evocative and “timeless” materials that he interprets with his modern language, sometimes using it in a revolutionary way.
His essential trademark is the result of a patient refinement process, since his projects always start from a series of colored sketches that subsequently become a technical drawing. It never is an end in itself exercise, but it reveals a deep attention to the practical implications and the past of the object.
An eclectic designer who interpreted a wide variety of brands and different product types while always remaining true to its distinctive and timeless style.