Brodie Neill

For as long as he can remember, Brodie Neill has been inspired by the twinned beauty of nature and mathematics. Growing up in Tasmania, Brodie was surrounded by the landscape’s diverse ecology, leading to a fascination with organic phenomena and an ongoing commitment to respecting raw material. This orientation has coloured every aspect of Brodie’s subsequent practice. A University of Tasmania and Rhode Island School of Design alum, he has blended this appreciation of naturalism with advanced technical rigour, digital innovation and poised mathematical precision across sculpture, furniture and art commissions. Acclaim was instantaneous – with TIME Magazine’s Design 100 ranking his debut collection of furniture designs among the number of ‘the 100 most influential designs’.

Brodie has worked with an impressive roster of clients, collaborating with international brands including Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Alexander McQueen and Swarovski. His limited-edition works are included in museums, galleries and private collections across the globe. Balance, proportion, simplicity and a curvaceous sculptural profile continues to characterise Brodie’s comprehensive furniture portfolio and colour all aspects of his Brands design vernacular – from the microcosm of its logo through to the macrocosm of its design intent.