Mesut Öztürk

Mesut Öztürk is an architect, part-time lecturer at Bilgi University and newcomer ceramics artist. Born in Krumovgrad, Bulgaria, in 1989, he migrated to Turkey with his family the same year. After graduating in architecture at the Yeditepe University, he completed his master’s degree in “History, Theory, Criticism in Architecture” at the Istanbul Bilgi University with a dissertation about political movements in informal settlements. In 2018, he abandoned his PhD program in Urban Planning and started practicing with ceramics.

Since 2019, he has produced his signature work: the Halka Vase Collection. Halka is an ongoing project composed of one-of-a-kind, handmade, collectible vases inspired by prehistoric artefacts of Mediterranean civilizations. “My essential muse is earthenware from all these ancient civilisations. I am trying to reinterpret some of the forms that repeat similarly in different civilisations and tying to transform it into a clear design language. I care about this design language being open to variation and enabling new creations” said Mesut.

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