Milan Pekar

Milan Pekar is a ceramic designer and maker, owner of Milan Pekar Studio in Prague, Czech Republic. He was born and educated in Prague and currently holds a position as assistant professor at the Applied Art University in Prague. For the last 4 years Milan has been concentrating on the development of Crystalline Glazes, a particular mixture of ceramic glaze ingredients which is applied on vases and fired to high temperature. After spending countless hours and overcoming many disastrous results, he finally reached the satisfactory formulation. The manipulation of temperature creates the perfect environment for crystallines to grow on the surface of the vase. This isn’t an easy process because during the cooling down period many crystallines can crack. Crystallines grow differently in certain shapes and sizes and react differently with particular ingredients. Subsequently, each vase is a unique piece. Crystalline Glaze’s technique is not new, but what makes Milan’s work different from other Crystalline Glazes is his creative use of colour combination and design shapes.