Annick Petersen

Annick is a Swiss born London based interior architect and designer. Having Swiss, Italian and Jamaican origins, Annick feels like a citizen of the world and gets inspiration from it.
The alp products are simple, elegant, thoughtfully designed and manufactured using beautiful materials. The use of different materials such as wood, metal, marble and leather is an inspiration in itself by experiencing each material’s qualities and weaknesses, which then
develops into new thoughts and ideas. Annick has a hands-on approach to her design and enjoys working with leather, textile, screen printing, rush weaving. Being inspired by the past and trying to bring a sense of innovation to her design while being aware of its sustainability is what keeps Annick excited and motivated to always try harder and find better solutions.
Annick says: ‘I always try to give each of my projects the possibility to provoke an emotion, to transform a space.’ The alp products have been shown in different shows in London, Milan and Paris. Some are available at MoMA NY. We collaborate with companies in Italy, the US and the UK.