João Paulo Raimundo

Self-taught designer, João Paulo Raimundo has always been very observer. When he got to know the papier-mâché technique, he soon fell in love with its power of transformation. A simple sheet of paper or cardboard that has already been used and turned could now have its process reversed and become wood again!

With papier-mâché dough made from recycled cardboard, his pieces are sculpted and, after drying, receive a fine finish with several dyeing processes, which are the result of his research on various raw materials, and finally the polishing. His products present an impressive result and often confuse the less attentive eyes that come to think that they are pieces of wood, stone or iron.

It’s not just a design piece. It is a piece of artistic expression, sensitivity and creative effort that materializes and makes papier-mâché solid.

This ability to print his will on a paper sculpture makes the pieces created by João Paulo impossible to imitate. The process is known, but the artist’s expression is unique. The ever-changing world guide the artist’s choices. He unveils new processes and manifests the art.

The first pieces he created were like mandalas. Over time, he moved on to wall sculptures, paintings, lamps and even furniture, such as tables and benches. In all of his works, there is a mark of sustainability in the reuse of cardboard. His works are creative, original and beautify any environment.

João always adds value to his work, choosing the ideal partner to represent him and also by submitting his works to awards.