Lucas Recchia, born in 1992, on an island in the south part of Brazil starts his career as a designer in 2018 with his first solo show for the avant-garde gallery Firma Casa in São Paulo and quickly catches the attention of the whole country as the first Brazilian designer to develop glass techniques in furniture design. He incorporates the potential of recycled glass with ancient techniques with solar energy used by artisans with worldwide experience.
“My purpose is to mix the boundaries between art and design from the standpoint of a not-too-obvious functionality and also express/add a Brazilian element that is not focused on the traditional modern Brazilian furniture made of wood.”
Lucas currently works in his atelier in downtown São Paulo, where he develops his new projects with a group of local artisans. With a focus on how to reuse traditional materials, besides glass, bronze, aluminum and Brazilian stones, he approaches them from a unique perspective.
In his latest work, Lucas dives deeper into the use of glass and explores the feeling that the aesthetics of broken glass evokes in people: ‘the feeling of both loss and transformation at the same time because a broken object goes from being to becoming something else.”
“The moment you understand that the material is finite and in constant transformation, which is the case of glass, which once was rock and then sand, finally became glass, it was used in a window pane or a drinking glass, and once broken, why not use it to make a table?”. “I see this capacity to transform as a metaphor of an essence of our times. It is my reading of the fleeting moment we are experiencing and current meaning of beauty.” The Caco Series originated from this concept, as ‘Caco’ is the word for “shards” in Portuguese.

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