Reform Design Lab

Reform Studio is an award winning design studio that pioneered the invention of a new material: Plastex, which is a new eco-friendly material made by weaving discarded plastic bags. All Reform products and designs originate from this concept, with an aim to create only responsible and thoughtful products.

Socially, Reform took reviving the weaving industry in Egypt, with its main goal to restore an old craft that is on a brick of extinction, were this craft goes back to more than 1000 years ago. The automation of the weaving industry affected handmade crafts to an extent that craftsmen would not be able to make a living out from it, were it makes this craft in danger of dying out within a decade because the next generation is not picking it up.

While on the other hand; by focusing on empowering local communities &encouraging craftsmanship, Reform took the opportunity to help and empower underprivileged women with limited resources offering them new job opportunities with a steady sustainable income.