Daniele Ruffa

He starts as a musician in the Milanese jazz scene recording an album of jazz music. The passion for music alternates with that for photography, which is realized through collaborations with some of the most important magazines in the field of fashion and design.

The design and in particular the one related to accessories and fashion becomes the first activity collaborating over the years with many of the most prestigious and influential international brands.

In 2020 the music album “clouds” was published with songs of his own composition and distributed worldwide. Subsequently was published the book of photographs “il cielo sopra Milano” with glimpses of a Milan often unpublished and little known.

Often in the photographs of Daniele are used special techniques in some cases combined with pictorial interventions, everything, however, depending on the emotional aspect that the work wants to arouse.

He is currently working on a project that diversifies through images, photographs, thoughts and musical compositions inspired by nature and in particular by the trees, the energy they give off and their connection with the sky … Energy flow!