RUX is a New York City based creative agency that invents, designs, makes, and launches products and companies. In 2008 RUX founder and principal Russell Greenberg set out to build a new kind of creative company “where lightning would strike twice daily”, a kind of perpetual brainstorm space fueled by the friction between extreme right-brain and extreme left-brain thinking. Rather than specializing in one industry sector like architecture, or industrial design, or graphic design, RUX would purposefully de-specialize, and instead focus on cultivating a rich and complex company culture focused on “creatively inspired common sense thinking”. The result is a hyper-creative studio, charged with optimism, and committed to the promise

of limitless possibility. At RUX, we believe that new ideas are the rarest forms of power, and that these ideas, when well-timed, intelligently designed, and carefully executed, are priceless. RUX innovates consumer products, designs buildings and spaces, develops intellectual property, defines brand identities, and creates and curates art objects. Stickbulb was co-founded in 2012 by RUX Founder/Director Russell Greenberg and Stickbulb CEO Christopher Beardsley as a platform to explore their mutual love of light, structure, and modular systems.