Manuel Sanchez Algora

Manuel Sánchez-Algora is an artist and professor of Seriation and Reproductions at the
“Moncloa School of Ceramics” in Madrid and has been a professor at the Faculty of
Teacher Training at the Autonomous University of Madrid.
From a family of potters and painters, he has been related to ceramics since his
childhood. He studies at the School of Ceramics in Madrid and at the Faculty of Fine
Arts in Madrid, obtaining an Extraordinary Degree Award. His works revolve around
colour and volume, turning ceramics into his main artistic manifestation, without
abandoning painting and illustration. Knowing his trade and his resources, he updates
and makes contemporary the most important ceramic tradition in Europe, such as
Meissen, Nymphenburg, Capodimonte or Porcelana del Buen Retiro.
His ceramic objects speak of a society that is evolving and transforming, and it does so
with an ironic and carefree tone. The realization of his products is carried out by himself
with a small group of collaborators who make his pieces continue to have something