Silvia Zagni

Silvia Zagni was born in Bologna in 1971; she works and lives in the castle village of Elle in Rioveggio, in the Bolognese Apennines, halfway between Bologna and Florence. A place with a very ancient history in which there is a quarry from which Silvia extracts very pure stoneware , very refined siliceous sand , primordial elements indispensable for her research that allowed her to tap into the knowledge of ceramics .

Silvia’s art , while nourished by exquisitely contemporary languages moves from afar and is intimately connected to nature in which she has been immersed for over twenty years. Her creations are a constant response to the intimate need to make existing forms dialogue with imagined forms. An art that is a bridge suspended between her sensitivity and the sublime natural beauty of this territory that in the distant past was the backdrop of a sea evaporated overnight.