Damiano Spelta is like a tightrope equilibrist balancing in between art and design. He could be defined as the conscious pioneer of art-design simply because his works are conceived and constructed with purpose, leaving absolutely nothing to chance. The cornerstone of Damiano’s remarkable work rests upon his ability to select materials with a fine attention to detail, proper finish, and great composition. Raised ‘Milanese,’ born in 1966. He entered the art world because of his passion and his curiosity, but more importantly without presumption, from the backdoor. In his early years, he participated in several collective exhibitions and in 2007, he had the opportunity to put on a solo show which featured one of his original masterpieces titled The Tongue. Over the years this work became an iconic design piece, a chaise-longue in the shape of a mouth, which perfectly fits a concept described by the artist himself, “assemblage raffiné”. His natural intuition and unusual sensibility caught the eye of one of the most important gallery owners in Italy, Rossana Orlandi. Galleria Orlandi represents Damiano, exhibiting many of his nonconformist works from the large arched fishing rod lamp Sanpei to the controversial chair with a name that has people smiling and debating, Xolex. Time seems to freeze up when looking at the numerous artworks of Damiano and then it speeds away through the streamline design pieces of Spelta. Because of this duality, no one knows what is hidden behind the corner, it could be Dadaism, Pop-Art or ReadyMade. Damiano freely draws upon whatever in uence suits him, without restrictions, without dogmas to follow. He doesn’t come from a particular school of thought. His works, nevertheless, are direct. Always new and always diverse. Brilliant.