Tjitske Storm

In 2009 Tjitske graduated with a Bachelor in Fashion Design from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. During these studies she became passionate about patterns, prints and textiles; her collections consequently focused primarily on the development of these surface designs. Upon graduating she started her own design practice, working on diverse projects in fashion and meanwhile leading a workspace for other creatives in Amsterdam. She also gained valuable experience through her work as editor and stylist for WeAr Global Magazine.

From 2014 to 2016 Tjitske was employed by Marcel Wanders Studio, developing surface pattern and graphic design for bespoke product and interior projects. Thereafter she continued working in- dependently on custom projects for brands like Moooi, Ted Baker, Revised and MINI. During these years she traveled extensively while operating remotely for clients and at times working within local interior companies in Cape Town, South Africa and Luanda, Angola.

Presently Tjitske lives in Oosterwold (NL), a revolutionary neighbourhood near Amsterdam. The in- habitants can design their own sustainable form of housing inside urban agriculture and biodiverse areas. Living Together with neighbours and with nature was the main reason for her to settle down in this flourishing community town.