Iris Tonies

Iris is a trained as a visual artist and designer. After graduating she moved to Barcelona on her live a board sailship.

She exhibited her installations in musea like the CCCB and the Maritime Museum and where she was head master of her art school Estudio Nómada. Since 2013 she works in her solar run art studio in her art house and private mueum Mas els Igols near Barcelona. Cross cultural references are seen in all her work. Her life experiences deepened her interest in the meaning of ritual and the universal language of shapes and symbols. This translates into a lush archetypical visual signature.

All work is designed and hand made by Iris, transferring the artist touch to the work. Designs can also be customized, scaled and produced for any projects and interiors.

“Beauty is the language with which I spin my sages of Kings, Queens and wolfwoman. Pouring life stories into shapes