UNDUO Laboratorio di Architettura was born in 2009 in Turin by an idea of Angela Tomasello and Paolo Delponte, who share the same feelings for architecture and design. The duo were joined by a third member in 2013, architect Andrea Zanero. From the outset, the design phase has coexisted with a workshop where furniture items are being made and material and architectural solutions are being tested. UNDUO deals with different themes and scales, with the aim to pursue the neverending evolution of their style. Architect Alice Reina lives and works in Turin and is a ceramist at the same time. BIANCODICHINA was born in 2015. A contemporary ceramic brand, which finds its true source of inspiration in nature and is willing to explore the sculptural features of clay to shape ‘ living’ caramics, with strong organic and abstract references. Shape provides the expressive feature of ceramic. Just like a living organism, the creative impulse makes clay open up, grow, develop and take up space. This research leaves colour a marginal role. Biscuit or bisque porcelain (fired with no glaze) prevails and its texture recalls a shell or a fossil, associating it to the organic world which is its source of inspiration.

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