Studio Waldemeyer

Studio Waldemeyer, a dynamic design studio spearheaded by Moritz Waldemeyer and Nazanin Farahbod, stands at the intersection of engineering prowess and cutting-edge technologies, pushing the boundaries of traditional design across multiple domains. This innovative studio seamlessly navigates the realms of installation art, design, fashion, and technology, fueled by a philosophy of playful experimentation.

Moritz Waldemeyer, an engineering luminary, lays the foundation for Studio Waldemeyer’s ventures with a robust background in engineering. Together with Nazanin Farahbod, whose expertise lies in design and production, they form a powerhouse duo that converges their skills and passions under the common banner of a profound love for light. It is this shared vision that acts as the driving force behind their creative endeavors, resulting in a unique synergy that defines the identity of Studio