White Noise DADA

WhiteNoiseDADA is a collaboration started in 2019 between Klaas Kuiken and Charley Reijnders, both graduated in 2010 from the ArtEZ school of Arts in Arnhem.

After graduation they both went their own way. Klaas Kuiken was fascinated by craftsmanship and (mass) production and how these can be brought together. As a result, Klaas Kuiken’s designs show a mix of unique features and standardization merged into a single product. His outlook on materials, manufacturing techniques and production processes is refreshing, surprising and charming at the same time. Charley Reijnders went to the Sandberg Instuut and graduated on her Master at the Dirty Art Department in 2012. Her work is a refreshing mixture between different disciplines as fine arts, product design and theater. She uses her knowledge of product design in materials and colors and combines these in sculptural, mostly disfunctional, objects that reflects the idle hope and the camouflage of constant failure of the human being. The combination of these two designers therefore result in an humorous absurdistic provocative attitude towards design. Where craftmanship and conceptual design is combined in a joyfull exploration of materials and iconic shapes.

Even though they have just begun WhiteNoiseDADA already has been featured at numerous exhibitions and magazines including Dutch Design Week 2019, OBJECT Rotterdam 2020, Salone del Mobile Milan 2020 (canceled), Rossana Orlandi Summer Gallery, Yksi Expo and they were finalists of the Ro Plastic Prize 2021.