Up In The Sky - An Interior Design Project by Rossana Orlandi

Up in the Sky – April 2016

Up In the Sky is the first public interior project curated by Rossana Orlandi and it takes place in one of the exclusive penthouse of the Residences designed by Daniel Libeskind at CityLife, with a breathtaking overlook on the city of Milan.
The project mixes elements of industrial design by the most cutting edge brands together with pieces of  designers from the selection of Galleria Rossana Orlandi like Os and Oos, Matteo Casalegno, Jacopo Foggini, Nika Zupanc, Nacho Carbonell, Oskar Zieta, Erik Olovson and Kyuhyung Cho, Laurence Humier, Umzikim, Hillsideout, Germans Ermics and many others.
Daniel Libeskind has designed a residential compound in CityLife to best meet the needs of modern living. The alternation of façade materials and the vertical orientation of the alignments give a sculptural effect to the buildings. A system of balconies creates outdoor spaces of different depths for each apartment. Every apartment is utterly unique and designed to take full advantage of the view.
The design reinterprets the classic residential courtyard model to create a circular pattern. The buildings all stand in harmonious relationship to each other and the surrounding district. There are private gardens and access roads to buildings along the perimeter. In the middle of a natural landscape, with pleasant rest areas, the courtyard is built on a circular hill that descends gradually towards the underground road.