BUDDE x SolidNature

BUDDE is a furniture design studio based in Cologne, Germany, founded by Architect Johannes Budde and Meike Papenfuss in 2019.

The duo complements each other on their mission to “enrich homes and inspire minds” with their contemporary furniture collections. While Johannes Budde is the creative mind behind BUDDE, Meike Papenfuss connects the dots between design and business. 

All designs share a common essence – they eliminate excess and focus on pure forms that integrate seamlessly into various living spaces. Shaped by his background in Architecture, Johannes Budde views furniture as integrative components of space, not as additive objects.

For their recent work, exclusively represented by Rossana Orlandi, BUDDE collaborated with SolidNature, a leading global curator and purveyor of the finest natural stone, to create an exclusive five-piece collection using marble off-cuts. 

Since 2011, SolidNature has been synonymous with exquisite materials and unmatched craftsmanship. Bring the beauty of nature into the future, SolidNature’s ability to realise impeccable global projects from public spaces, hotels, yachts, spas to high-end residential has attracted designers and architects, all the way through to brands as iconic as Fendi, Prada and Knoll.