Hillsideout is a joint project by Andrea Zambelli and Nat Wilms which came to life in 2009 out of a mutual concern and discomfort for the degradation of abandoned sites in the Italian Apennines. Hillsideout expresses the need to transform the uselessness of forgotten stories into practical functionality. The ancient, mainly medieval, mountain villages (but also journeys abroad) are the starting point for transforming the past into “living memory” by re-introducing it into the habitations in the form of innovative and self-aware furniture. Hillsideout chooses local pieces, generally made of wood, but also “emotional” objects with personal significance, adding value to their past whilst maintaining consideration for their origin. A design will often start with an object such as a door, a drawer, a chair or simply photographical images. When evaluating the object’s future possibilities, Hillsideout will always respect the construction and proportion of each, resulting in a contemporary and aesthetic piece of furniture. Thus, the recycling of old material becomes a process of re-invention, combining ancient techniques with new technology and the poetic with the innovative.

Photo by: Ruy Teixeira.

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