Kiko Lopez

Kiko López has always been sensitive to the play of lights, from translucent to opaque. In Puerto Rico where he was born, the powerful contrasts between shadows and light, interior and exterior, fed his sense of line and forms leading him to study architecture and industrial design at the prestigious RISD design school (Rhode Island School of Design), where he created his first hand-blown glass pieces.
Attracted by the light of Provence, Kiko set up his design workshop. He creates unique pieces, using the many techniques he has gathered from craftsmen around the world, from ancient texts and from its own explorations and developments. Embodying these with his sensitivity, he creates important commissions of furniture, objects, lighting, and monumental elements of architecture such as glass walls, screens, doors or chandeliers, and also objects that can be held in the hand, photophores, flasks, talismans… Venetian techniques, Bohemian « savoir-faire », American inspiration, Kiko López works with antique glasses and creates his « shadow drawings », always timeless contemporary art objects.
This combination of rigorous craftsmanship, exceptional artistic talent and permanent innovation entice architects, interior designers, gallery designers and collectors around the world. He has worked for the Cristallerie Saint-Louis, Le Café de l’Homme in Paris, decorators such as Joseph Dirand, India Mahadavi, Tristan Auer, Chahan, Alberto Pinto, Gregory Gatserelia, Jacques Granges, as well as for many private clients.

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