Jacopo Gonzato exhibited in the Traveling Exhibition ‘Artist on Board’ 

In the days leading up to the highly anticipated red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, Riccardo Benedini will host an extravagant immersive journey into the “Geometry of Sound” for over one hundred guests, including actors, journalists, and celebrities, right within the magnificent setting of the Next Generation Awards 2023, the prize that MANINTOWN magazine dedicates every year to new talents in the world of cinema. The location of excellence this year will be Il Nuovo Trionfo, the last sailing Trabaccolo on the Italian side of the Adriatic Sea. A pearl of the Venetian navy which, with its almost one hundred years of history, still fascinates the collective imagination today thanks to its spectacular mooring in Punta della Dogana, right at the entrance to the Grand Canal, in the beating heart of Bacino San Marco.

Riccardo Benedini’s “Artista a Bordo” traveling exhibition is made even more valuable this year thanks to a partnership with Galleria Rossana Orlandi. Benedini will be able to work with the sound designer Jacopo Gonzato to create a truly unique experience by turning the boat into a “sound compass” that will change how everyone perceives sound waves and how they manifest as an “aesthetic miracle.” Sound like you’ve never heard or seen before, on board! First-time shape-revealing vibrations that make us wonder about the tight relationship between the body and sound, and vice versa. The result is a participation that becomes well-being and invites us to answer the questions: how much are we part of the “sound thought” and what influence does it have on us? What if we could finally touch and observe sound? How would a cube sound? What would a pyramid sound like? What would the golden ratio sound like?

I set myself the goal of conducting a free and intuitive but also methodological and scientific investigation to uncover new horizons in the dissemination of sound. I want to make handcrafted and industrial design products, architectural parts, and entire constructions through observation, research, and play with vibration and sound propagation. Through comparisons and contrasts of harmonies, geometries, and proportions in the past, present, and future, a significant component of my work consists of and will consist in mending the rift between visual and auditory, between light and sound

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